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Clinical Pastoral Education

Properly trained chaplains are the keystone of pastoral care. The Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training is our Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) arm and ACCC believes all those involved in this ministry should have access to a quality CPE program. We realize that financially, this is a large undertaking. In the Christian spirit, ACCC strives to assist those in students need so that they too may have the benefit of CPE through scholarships. Your gift will go a long way to accomplish this goal.

The Profession of Chaplaincy

Your gift will help ACCC provide resources to support our chaplains in ministering to people in crisis. Ministry in special settings allows our chaplains serve all God’s children (race creed, color, or beliefs notwithstanding) in hospitals, hospices, prisons, corporate settings, skilled nursing facilities, and nursing homes to name just a few.

With your gift, you will support APCC in many areas including;

– continuing education;
– marketing our program throughout the world;
– demonstrating the need for professional chaplaincy in the workplace; and
– providing resources to our chaplains so they may better serve their charges.

Please prayerfully consider giving to ACCC today. You may make a one-time gift or your gift may be broken down into regular monthly payments. Any amount you give will benefit those who are there during crisis; just when they are needed the most.

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ACCC thanks you for your generosity and your gift will go a long way toward our global mission.