ACCC Workplace/Corporate Chaplaincy Specialization

Prerequisites to Application:

· BCC for at least one year with a VA approved board certifying body (ACCC, SCA, BCCI, NAVAC, and NACC). Documentation of a minimum 50 total hours (5 CEUs) since entering workplace chaplain ministry. (not including your branch of service initial chaplain training). Please note, you must join ACCC – we will recognize your board certification from one of the above organizations. Click here to learn more.

· Endorsed as a workplace chaplain by a nationally recognized chaplain ecclesiastical endorsing body.

· Three Year(s) of full time (or equivalent) workplace chaplain ministry.


Workplace chaplains will demonstrate the ability to:

· Articulate the policy foundations for chaplain ministry in their company.

· Demonstrate a clear understanding and consistent practice of the chaplain’s role within their company’s policy framework.

· Exemplify in practice and be able to discuss in depth the principle of chaplain confidentiality as defined by their endorsing agency, company policy and state laws.

· Integrate learning from attained levels of education into their theory of spiritual/religious leadership in a corporate/industrial/retail setting.

· Demonstrate their ability to successfully integrate their endorser’s doctrinal tenants and faith traditions within their scope of practice in a pluralistic workplace environment.

· Provide coordination and leadership to spiritual care during mass-casualty or disaster response events (actual and training).

· Demonstrate a personal growth and development plan that includes spiritual, professional, and relational growth as well as an intentional plan to build and maintain personal resilience.

· Articulate your company’s policy and guidelines for employee referral (internal and external) and describe the metric you use to determine when an employee in your care should be referred to another professional in or outside chaplaincy or your company.

· Discuss the balance and tensions present in your integration with other departments (HR, Nursing/Occupational Health, Safety, Operations, and others). Discuss in depth your growth edges in relating to these other departments/department heads.

· Discuss how they balance the tension between adhering to and promoting their company policies, caring for individual employees, and maintaining personal doctrinal integrity.

· Educate other professionals and individuals in their company on the scope of practice and benefits of chaplain integration.

· Demonstrate a working knowledge of business ethics/ethics in the workplace setting and how do they apply this knowledge within their scope of practice.

Requirements for Application:

1. BCC for at least one year prior to application for advanced certification.

2. 3 letters of recommendation: One from supervisory chaplain detailing observed competencies and required workplace chaplain experience, one from the chaplain’s HR or facility manager, and one from the applicant’s endorser.

3. Completed supervisory Chaplain Competency Observation Form (Highly recommended).

4. Thoroughly written answers to the following questions:

a. Thoroughly discuss your calling as a workplace chaplain and how it has evolved over time.

b. Clearly define your theology of ministry in a pluralistic workplace environment. (Include references to your endorser’s key tenants or statement of faith.) Explain how the key tenants of your faith group empower your workplace ministry and how they may create potential stumbling blocks in a pluralistic environment.

c. Clearly define your philosophy of ministry as a workplace chaplain. (Include appropriate doctrinal references from endorser and applicable company policies.)

d. What is your understanding of moral injury? What is it? What causes it. As a workplace Chaplain, how do your minister to someone with it? How might you as a chaplain work to prevent it and/or mitigate its effects?

e. Discuss your strengths and growth edges in service as a workplace chaplain. Detail your current efforts to seek/obtain mentorship/coaching in the areas of your growth edges.

f. Describe your current relationship with your chaplain mentor.

g. Describe your current efforts to mentor/coach chaplains junior to you.

h. Discuss how you balance and integrate any “non-spiritual care” responsibilities given you by your supervisor or other company leadership.

i. How do you perceive workplace chaplain ministry to be different from other ministry/chaplain venues? (Local church, hospital, hospice, military, first responder, etc.) If you have previously served in a different ministry venue, describe in detail your journey in adjusting to those differences and how you have integrated those differences into your theology/philosophy of chaplain ministry.

Application Packets:

a. Must be complete at the time of submission. Incomplete packets will be returned.

b. Application fee must be paid at the time of submission.

c. Application packet contents:

i. Application form

ii. Application fee payment

iii. Candidates written answers to questions.

iv. Supervisory Chaplain letters of recommendation.

v. Supervisory Chaplain Competency Observation Form. (Highly Recommended)

vi. Endorser recommendation letter.

viii. Documentation of workplace position.