ACCC Grief Support Specialization

This specialization is offered through a partnership with ACCC and the Grief Recovery Institute and is only available for our Board-Certified Chaplains.

Please note: You must take the Grief Recovery Institute class through us to count towards your specialization. This is important. Taking it through us allows you to connect with other chaplains and it allows us to continue to have the oversight to maintain your specialization.

When will the next class be? That depends on registrations.
Here is the defined process.
1. 10 people register for the class
2. We pay GRI for the class and their available instructor sends us the dates they can host the class.
3. We then poll the 10 people to select the best 4-day dates to hold the class (usually a month to 45 days out)
The date is selected by the 10 people based on their availability.