ACCC Fully Recognized by the Veterans Administration

ACCC Fully Recognized by the Veterans Administration

After months of hard work by the ACCC Board, the Veterans Administration has provided an official letter recognizing us as a board certifying body, enabling our chaplains to apply and hold position within the government run health system. This approval does require that the chaplain be a U.S. Citizen, hold an MDiv. degree or equivalent, be endorsed by an approved denominational endorsing body and have obtained four units of CPE from a Department of Education Accredited Clinical Pastoral Education provider. Currently there are only two providers that meet this accreditation standard (ICPT and ACPE).

“If any health system, prison system, military body or other entity of any kind takes a few moments to read our process and see how we are incorporating the full measure of standards from both ICPT and ACPE in our board certifying process, they would realize the importance of recognizing the men and women who have sought certification with ACCC,” said Rev. Richard E. DeFord, BCC/BCPC and Chaplain Administrator for the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains.

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